Money Back Insurance

Max Savings Insurance

For those people who prefer to invest in insurance policies and needs bulk amount at various point of life. The policy will be the best to cover and compensate following risk and return respectively

This money back policy allows you to actually start getting your money back at the intervals of 4 years itself allowing the policy holder to get insurance coverage with limited financial exposure, while also making savings on your investments while the risk of death of insured is covered through the period. Naulo Jeevan has indeed been a very popular as it also has features for single premium payment option, policy loan availability after one year after paying 2 yearly premium, modified ADB/PTD/PWB facilities and added policy tenure of 10 and 25 yrs.

Salient Features

  • Best money back scheme in the market with continued cash back while risk coverage is full during the entire policy period
  • Best bonus rates in Nepal, double in just 15 years*
  • Life coverage of upto 2 times the Sum Assured (Upto 50 lakhs), on Accidental Death
  • Nominee to get full SI during all times of the policy period irrespective of the money back received by the policy holder
  • Special allowance & waiver of premium in case of permanent disability
  • Health checkup required only for policies above 20 lakhs
  • Easy loan facility after completion of successful 1 year (after paying 2 yearly premium)
  • Loan amount is up to 90% of Surrender Value